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About Viva V.S.

Viva V.S. is a company founded in 2000. In addition to the sale of agricultural and fruit-planting machines, our activity is the production of certified planting material of apples, pears and cherries.

Our nursery is located on the slopes of the mountain Fruska Gora, on the banks of the Danube River, in Belegis. Thanks to the appropriate climatic conditions and soil type, our area is very suitable for growing fruit trees and fruit. It is very fragrant, so it facilitates a steady growth of the seedlings root, which in the first years of development is very important for the later intensive production of fruit.

The whole process of seedling production is under the supervision of advisors from France and Germany, which helps us to produce high quality certified seedlings.

our Services

The services provided by the "Viva V.S." nursery are derived from our knowledge that was created from continuous education on the most modern planatases and fruit nurseries.


Expert assistance in choosing the type of planting material


Training and planting instructions


Recommendations for fertilization and irrigation of the land


Recommendations for plant protection


Training for cutting parsnips

Apple Varietals

For professional buyers, we offer the possibility of contracting seedlings for 1-2 years in advance for more favorable conditions.
We sell seedlings on the domestic and international market. We export our seedlings to many European and Asian countries.

Get certified seedlings

By purchasing our certified seedlings, you receive all the necessary documents with which you are entitled to the incentive funds of the Ministry of Agriculture.